Co-op Overview was conceived by the collective efforts of a group of internet marketing veterans and SFI Team Leaders - to generate qualified SFI affiliates at low cost. is an independent company from SFI and is not associated with the Eagle Co-op or any other. is designed to meet the advertising needs of all SFI affiliates and leaders, and provide a consistent flow of quality double opt-in leads based on co-op share units. 

We guarantee a minimum number of SFI Affiliates per share unit! 

Our leads are highly responsive because they come as a result of a unique double opt-in process that is designed to filter out all non-serious tire-kickers and zero-in on those that are interested in establishing a home business. 

Our 1st opt-in process begins by placing several ad campaigns on targeted websites where people are looking for opportunities to change their lifestyle and work from home. We receive our opt-in leads with full demographics because they fill out a sign-up form including their home address and most often a phone number. After we receive our opt-in leads, we put them through a unique filtering process of:

  • Full duplicate checking - nobody is ever accidentally on the list twice.
  • Full email syntax checking - only real addresses.
  • Full account pre-verification - every email account on the list verified as active and working.
  • Complete stripping of ALL AOL Accounts - no more bouncing off their overzealous spam filters!
  • Manual removal of dud names - no more "Dear Aaa Kfugn" letters!

After we finish the first step, we take the entire batch of clean leads, and we assign them equally to all co-op share units ordered by attaching all co-op members' SFI IDs and keycodes based on the number of share units ordered. Then, we load the entire batch into our high-end email server and launch a new email campaign requesting them to join SFI. At that point, every new registrant that signs up will be signing up under a particular co-op member that goes directly to SFI, and he/she becomes an SFI affiliate.

Immediately after that, all new affiliates are sent an email from SFI with an overview of their registration and a request to confirm their registration. This method has been proven to be very effective in getting good people that are more likely to take further interest in the business and become a valuable part of your SFI team. That's why, we even take this one step further and guarantee our members a minimum number of SFI affiliates per share unit. The reason we give this guarantee is first, because we are sure about our leads quality. Secondly, there are many affiliates we know who have used other co-ops before and ended up with a bunch of useless leads. We want all our members to be satisfied with this service!

Our leads are generated exclusively for each co-op member. These kinds of exclusive leads are typically sold for $4 - $5 each because they cost so much to generate. However, considering the strong alliances that we have built with large marketing companies and groups, we are able to generate these leads for less than the wholesale price offered out there.

Therefore, getting your SFI leads through a coop such as is probably the best and most cost effective method of building a successful organization. We encourage you to make a commitment today and participate in on a regular basis and encourage all your team affiliates to do the same.

Any SFI affiliate or leader with a valid SFI ID number is eligible to participate in the co-op.
See Faqs for more details is not owned neither operated by SFI Marketing Group. Please direct all your questions or inquiries to us using our standard Contact page.


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